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October 1st - International Day of Older Persons

On Wednesday, October 1st, 2014 celebrate the UN's International Day of Older Persons with the UVic Centre on Aging!

UVic researchers will present a public lecture, called "The Quest for Longevity Genes."

"Long lifespans are known to occur in certain families, raising the possibility that longevity may be an inherited trait. How do we identify and characterize genes that influence lifespan, and how does that information improve our understanding of the biochemical basis for aging?"

The lecture begins at 1:30PM and will be followed by a discussion period with audience participants. The location is the Salvation Army Citadel. This year's Valued Elder Recognition Award (VERA) nominees and recipients will also be honoured at this event.

To find out more about the day and how to register, visit the website: