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Cognition, Stress, & Health

The interplay between cognitive performance, stressor frequency and severity and health status is central to much of our research and can also be linked to well-being and active aging. We are interested in the within-person aging-related dynamics of change among these different factors, which requires intensive, repeated measurements of an individual over a long period of time, consisting of a battery of cognitive tasks, physiological tests and inventories of perceived stress and health behaviours. A protocol like this, which assesses an individual on several occasions over a long period of time, permits early and sensitive detection of change in normative functioning and can be applied within both home and institutional care settings.

​Currently, we are developing a self-administered measurement protocol that will form the basis for future research on intraindividual aging-related dynamics among stress, cognition, health, and well-being. Recently, we have initiated several studies using a measurement-burst design, which allows separation of 1) short-term (day-to-day) within-person variability, 2) long-term (year-to-year) within-person variation and change and 3) stable between-person individual differences.