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Research Mentorship

PSYCH 492: Integrative Analysis of Stress, Health, Cognition, and Well-Being

This course provides a complete hands-on experience for 8 students as they assist in the development and implementation of a short-term intensive measurement study of the day-to-day effects of specified determinants on daily variation in well-being and cognitive performance. The 2010, 2011, and 2012 projects permitted a broader discussion of the merits of alternative intensive measurement designs (e.g., daily diary studies, ecological momentary assessment) for understanding developmental and aging-related change. The students develop skills in computerized assessment, measurement development, ethics approval process, data collection, statistical analysis of longitudinal data, and presentation of results at the annual Psychology Students of Vancouver Island Poster Session (PSOVIPS).


 PSYCH 492 Poster Presentations (2010-2012)